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Housing and Fencing for Raising Turkeys 

If you are raising turkeys you will want to know about the housing and raising of turkey and adult turkeys prefer to stay outside especially form the age of eight to twelve weeks onward. Before that the point, young birds should be kept in a brooder, perhaps with access to a sun porch.‚Äč

Fencing -- Whether your turkeys are allowed free movement over range pasture or are being confined in a pen area, you should install the fencing material as high as possible, at least 4 feet, given that these birds can and will fly. It would be also good to trim the wing feathers of rogue flyers, as most of the turkeys would probably stay in the pen happily unless something disturbs them. In a pen environment, topping the fence with netting will protect the birds and prevent escape.

If you want to build temporary fencing in a range pasture setting, then a Fence contractor will recommend you choose electric poultry netting but if you want to build a more permanent enclosure, you can use woven-wire fencing and metal T-posts or wooden posts. Turkeys can be turned out onto pasture with cattle. They will improve the land by eating weed seeds such as nettles, dock, and chicory. Turkeys will further improve the pasture by picking out corn and other digested grains from manure and spreading it around the pasture.

Make sure the fencing is flush to the ground and sturdy so that the turkeys are protected from predators such as fox, raccoons, weasels, and neighborhood dogs.

Wood is an ideal construction material (although electrical conduit can also be used) on top of wooden skids to keep the roost structure lightweight and easily moved. If the roost is very lightweight, it may need to be staked down so it doesn't blow over.